Andrew Jendrzejewski  (Yen Zhe YEF skee)


Selected Collections

Anderson Center for the Arts, Anderson, IN

Shake Learning Resources Center Library, Vincennes University

Mr. Sean Bennett, Cambridge, England

Stephen and Angie Black, Vincennes, IN

Cathy and Woody Cardinal, Vincennes, IN

Jane and David Cavenaugh, St. Joseph, MI

Ms. Susan Grow, Vincennes, IN

Bernard and Deborah Hagedorn, Wheatland, IN

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hall, Owensboro, KY

Ms. Vickie Horton, formerly of Vincennes, IN

Kevin and Carolyn  Hughes, Springfield, MO

Ms. Mary Jane Jacob, Chicago, IL

Ms. Viktoria Johnson, Vincennes, IN

Ms. Emily Murray, Bloomington, IN

Mrs. Margaret Pace, (Pace Hot Sauce), San Antonio, TX

Jim and Marsha Pearson, Lawrenceville, IL

Ms. Carol Phillipee, Vincennes, IN

Ms. Alice Simsar (Simsar Gallery), Ann Arbor, MI

Brad and Cathy Swieger, Athens, OH

Mr. Robert Tobin (Sante Fe Opera), San Antonio, TX

Mrs. Ruth Ratner, Detroit, MI

Dr. Bernard VerKamp, Vincennes, IN

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